Before taking over the seasonly campaigns for HUMANIC, I used to be responsible for the Art Direction in the fashion magazine they release every season as a part of the campaign itself. I also made most of the layouting and illustration within the fanzine and prepared the graphics for the online platform  


Soirée Française is a project I did for the Intercultural Music Association of Vienna (WiM). The event is a monthly French night, and they needed a flyer that could always work. I thought the best thing for this was to create a logo so the people would be able to recognize the event everytime they…


Before I started studying design I learned by myself how to use software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and for that I needed to do some personal works. As you can see I didn’t know what “high resolution” was though. ;D Here is a selection of those I still like after all these years.


These are some works I made for a Music School next to my hometown when I started with design. The concerts were always performed by the students, so there where many different ages, and some of the posters may look more serious or more fun because of that. I had a lot of fun doing…